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The Morgan's film-inspired documentary wedding is truly one of the most love and Jesus-centered weddings I've ever had the privilege of capturing. I'm so excited to share my favorite photos from this gallery with you! You can tell I had a very hard time choosing haha! 

Film-Inspired Documentary Wedding



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I’m so excited to share one of the most special sessions I’ve ever shot with you! My cousins play such huge roles in my life and hold such a big part of my heart. As far back as I can remember and until the age of 10 our families grew up in the same house and then on the same property. Growing up with 9 cousins who felt as close as siblings was foundational to who I am today. Most of my happiest childhood memories were spent with my cousins, it was like having built-in best friends haha!

The Stokes Family At-Home Session


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If Legally Blonde and Mean Girls had a baby it would be this bachelorette party!! Packed with all things pink, sparkly, and sexy, this Lake Travis Bachelorette Party KILLED IT!! Molly’s bridesmaids went all out on decor, matching outfits, and sticking to their theme

Lake Travis Bachelorette Party


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Last summer I decided to try out shooting film because I love the timeless and candid feel it creates. You have to be sooo intentional when shooting with film because you only have 36 exposures per roll and film adds up very quickly haha!! I took my new camera to my San Diego trip last May and my cousin-in-law Hannah’s wedding which I was a bridesmaid in!!

My First Time Shooting With Film!!


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Grab some tissues because I’m about to tell you the most romantic story since Rose hogged the door and killed Leonardo DiCaprio.

Our Smoky Mountain Proposal Story


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Wanting some encouragement before your wedding? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the first blog of my Brides Talk series! This series is all about recently married women passing down their wisdom on all things wedding to soon-to-be brides. Exciting right?! I mean if these ladies can’t help out, no one can. Also please enjoy my significantly less helpful commentary on these words of wisdom!

Brides Talk: Ten Tips For Newlyweds


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Figuring out what to wear to your session can be such a pain, let me give you some of my best tips for planning outfits!

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