ATX Summer Wedding HighPointe Estate | Addie + Ben |

What was so so special about The Offereins Wedding was how focused they were on each other, their friends & fam, and on keeping God at the center of their marriage. Throughout the getting ready process Addie took time to have special moments with anyone who came into the bridal suite. She even stopped what she was doing to help her younger sister with her hair, which was so telling of how great a big sister she is! The whole day Addie & Ben were giggling together, sneaking kisses in whenever they could, and were just totally enraptured with each other. It was so so sweet to watch because it felt like they were in their own little world! Something I was surprised by was that when Addie sent me her shot list she asked for me to photograph the reception using direct flash, which is when the camera flash is aimed directly at the subject. Direct flash is harsher and creates more shadows, but it also has a more candid & documentary aesthetic! This was my first time trying direct flash at a wedding reception and now I’m totally hooked!

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