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The Morgan's film-inspired documentary wedding is truly one of the most love and Jesus-centered weddings I've ever had the privilege of capturing. I'm so excited to share my favorite photos from this gallery with you! You can tell I had a very hard time choosing haha! 

Film-Inspired Documentary Wedding



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When I tell you Hannah & Paul’s love story is like a romance novel come to life I mean it. Paul has been best friends with Hannah’s younger brother since before he can even remember, who would’ve thought they’d actually end up brothers by marriage!

Downtown Dallas Evening Proposal


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Grab some tissues because I’m about to tell you the most romantic story since Rose hogged the door and killed Leonardo DiCaprio.

Our Smoky Mountain Proposal Story


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Figuring out what to wear to your session can be such a pain, let me give you some of my best tips for planning outfits!

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